Prenatal Care


Here at Chase Family Chiropractic we care a lot about our pregnant mothers and their little ones. We have a plan that helps aid mothers through the pregnancy and birth process by helping them stay aligned and providing both mom and baby with optimal conditions for birth. It is our goal to make pregnancy more comfortable, and problem free. It is our priority to help mom through whatever she may encounter during pregnancy. We work to help alleviate any pain, help open her pelvis so there is more room for delivery, help her relax—which in turn gives the baby a less stressful environment—and much more. Dr. Chase has three of his own children and has seen firsthand the great relief expecting mothers can have with regular chiropractic care. He witnessed his wife’s ability to sleep improve drastically, her ability to cope with the mundane things in life went from questionable to conquered, any pregnancy pains were relieved, and her recovery after birth was phenomenal. Our care doesn’t stop after delivery though, we continue to work with mom and newborn through new life problems and growth by maintaining proper alignment and nerve function.

During the first six months of life, there are many great and new adventures the newborns will undertake. With all the new undertakings it is vital to have everything working properly so that the body can keep up with the rapid growth and development. The first critical developmental milestone after birth is the baby’s ability to eat properly. Through labor the newborn goes through a lot of different stresses that are hard on the body. As the body is pushed through the canal, the baby’s head gets compressed so that it can fit through properly. The baby’s body is designed to do this, and it is quite the miracle, but the experience can make the baby’s body stress out trying to make sure everything is stable and safe. Being pushed through the canal also causes things to shift around, decreasing optimal function of the nervous system. This can cause various issues in a newborn, but a key one it affects is the newborn’s ability to nurse. Many babies’ ability to nurse properly can be very poor, sometimes non-existent. This is turn creates a lot of early stress for the worried mothers and their under nourished babies. As chiropractors we are able to check the baby and make sure everything is in its proper alignment. This will help aid the body to function as it should, trying to bring everything back to normal.

After childbirth, the mother’s body is also wondering what just happened.  Things get shifted around dramatically during labor and birth. Her bones get shifted during contractions, then the bones continue to shift drastically as the baby moves through the birth canal, and on top of all this, the mother is left completely exhausted, which causes its own set of stresses. All these things put the mother’s body through multiple degrees of trauma. Then after birth there is a sudden loss of weight, as well as a whole new space opened up inside her body that leaves the body to figure out a new normal as it tries to put things back together. Through conservative and corrective care, we are able to assist the body as it heals itself by aligning the spine, allowing the nervous system to function freely, at its fullest. Our goal is to help the mother recover and function well so she can be there emotionally and physically through all the changes that are to come as she cares for their newborn child.

Our plan consists of routine adjustments throughout pregnancy, a home visit by Dr. Chase after delivery, and six months of care after birth for both the mom and newborn(s). In the first trimester mom is seen every other week. During the second trimester mom is seen weekly. During the third trimester mom is seen 2 times per week until birth. After the home visit, mom and baby will be seen twice a month for six months. Through this plan, it will allow Dr. Chase the opportunity to prepare mom for the best birthing experience, help provide space for a head down delivery, help speed healing after birth, and see the baby through some of their first milestones in an optimal growing environment.

Our number one priority is the patient. We do all we can to help make this pregnancy and birth experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. Pregnancy is far from the easiest thing in the world to get through, and it is our plan to help make it an experience that is pleasant and close to normal as possible!

Let’s do this together!

Dr. Austin Chase DC